Who we are

Open Path Insights is a life-affirming, intuitive coaching and soul-level healing practice. We use energetic signatures, soul messages and the Akashic records to help you create a bountiful life. Owner Marilyn Harmacek is a certified intuitive energy coach, soul attunement practitioner and angel intuitive specializing in soul channeling and the reading of higher vibrational energy.

What do we do?

Simply put, Marilyn reads your current dynamic energy or past energetic record to learn what’s keeping you from a full, abundant, purposeful life. The information she relays helps you see where you are stuck and how to release the spiritual baggage that’s holding you back. She uses her powerful intuitive gifts for knowledge, awareness, understanding and insight to help you on your personal journey and to unlock your true potential.

Achieving clarity

Knowing what’s in your soul-level record isn’t as potent as understanding how it is affecting your life today. Intuition and insight are useful tools when you are ready to take an honest look at what needs to change. When you see your situation more clearly, you’re better prepared to make decisions, including those with transformational potential for your best and highest good.

“My experience with Marilyn was fantastic! I find her to be a wonderful, insightful, sincere and helpful coach. Marilyn showed a genuine caring about me and the events.”
Kent J, Aurora, CO

What To Expect

Energetic Signature Reading

For a reading, Marilyn uses automatic writing and your energetic signature (your name) to channel your higher self before meeting with you. She creates a visual picture that includes the emotional, often hidden baggage that’s keeping you from your highest quest. She shares the results during a sitting or a phone call and invites you to validate and question what she tells you. Together, you give the information context by applying it to current situations. Lastly, Marilyn asks your spirits, angels and guides for any messages that might support your continued growth.

Soul-Level Healing

For a soul profile, the book of life, or Akashic Records, is your personal accounting of decisions made throughout your lifetimes. With respectful intention and your permission, Marilyn accesses the records to find your true soul group, energetic center, divine gifts, historic connections, and any past attachments or events that might be influencing your present circumstances. Marilyn presents you with a comprehensive soul summary that connects current-life limitations and constraints to past lives, actions and choices. This insight can be life-affirming or life-changing. Together, you craft an action plan for clearing, healing and growth.

Is this for me?

We believe that all energy has a tale to tell. Only a sense of adventure is needed to lift your spirit to the next level. While Open Path Insights welcomes everyone looking for authentic change, we are devoted to helping spiritual seekers, divine trekkers, and ordinary everyday lost souls overcome hidden hurdles and discover how great life can be. In addition to reading the energetic signature and the Akashic records, OPI staff can read homes, businesses, and even neighborhoods.

Disclaimer~Intuition and insight are not infallible. You are free to accept or reject anything that’s presented—just as you are free to choose to change the direction of your life. Free will trumps everything.

“I continue to be so grateful for my Soul Realignment reading with Marilyn. The reading helped explain a few of my behavior patterns in this lifetime. I have more peace in my life through her gift. I can’t thank her enough for her caring and loving reading!”
Mary M, Thornton, CO

Intuitive Tools

Loving life is a matter of harnessing positive spiritual energy and releasing the energy that’s holding you hostage. Being aware of the difference unlocks your potential for meaningful change. Years of experience combined with natural gifts have provided Open Path Insights staff the acutely-tuned senses that are invaluable in energy work. Your book of life is an energetic database of information on all the choices you’ve made through time. By unlocking the mysteries of your soul, you hold the key to clearing and calming your path toward purpose and fulfillment.

While knowing the mechanics isn’t as important as seeing the results, it may help to know that we incorporate a variety of intuitive techniques to read your energy and receive soul messages, including:

Automatic Writing

Letting higher guides take over the writing. By channeling your higher energetic signature, Marilyn receives pure insight from your inner soul to bring to your physical being.

Emotional Visualization

Seeing what you feel. Marilyn paints a verbal picture of your emotional situation. This picture helps you find spirit-guided direction and potential paths for your success.

Akashic Records

Tapping into the book of life in which your soul’s growth toward infinite love is recorded. In-depth research into this resource helps Marilyn unlock any past actions, events or connections that might be influencing your present circumstances.

Spirit Connections

Communicating with angels, spirit guides and loved ones on the transcendent side. These loving beings can provide much needed guidance and compassion as well as a boost of energy or a swift kick in the pants.

“I had an Akashic reading with Marilyn that was accurate and insightful. Her insights were a revelation to me and have changed my life! Marilyn is terrific.”
Paula P, Indianapolis, IN

Meet Marilyn Harmacek,
OPI Owner

Marilyn Harmacek

“Having come from the concrete business world, I understand the skepticism associated with trusting unseen phenomena that can’t be catalogued, sold or measured. But everyone has personal intuition and understands the ‘gut feeling.’ For Open Path Insights, I have simply fine-tuned it to reach a higher frequency.”Marilyn Harmacek
Marilyn’s intuitive gifts first surfaced in kindergarten. She denied those skills throughout her childhood and went on to pursue a career in business, eventually opening her own communications consultancy. Years later the spirit realm decisively moved her toward her soul’s path and the beginning of Open Path Insights. She views Open Path Insights as an extension of her work to help her clients thrive.


Marilyn Harmacek holds two undergraduate degrees from Purdue University and a master’s degree from the University of Denver. Her intuitive credentials include Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner certification, Soul Path Intuitive Energy Coach certification, and Angel Therapy certification. She was the first professional psychic medium to read for the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa in Denver, Colorado as part of its “Enduring Spirits of the Brown” events.

“I was looking at my notes last night and marveling at everything Marilyn was able to explain and share. She has a true gift, and I am very grateful she was able to share it with me!”
Elizabeth P, Erie, CO

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Please use the form above to schedule an appointment, or contact Marilyn directly for an in-person reading at:

 marilyn@openpathinsights.com – or – 720-295-0855.

All appointment times are in Mountain Time (UTC 07:00).