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Make Way For An Energy Shift

In this bustling holiday season, most people will need to take stock of where they are, of how they feel, of what’s getting in their way, and then take time to refresh their senses, rejuvenate the soul.

We don’t want our mind to hit overload and our senses to max out to a point of explosion — either into tears or temper.  No, we want to maintain our emotional control and actually experience the joy that holidays have to offer.

It’s easy to say just relax, chill out, take a break. But, how does one do that?  How do you shift your energy from marginal meltdown to sincerely mellow? For most of us, it takes some work to shift those gears. But, it can be easier to achieve than you think.

A few tips:

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In Energy, Healing, Intention, Love by Marilyn Harmacek

Forgiveness is the key to releasing destructive emotions — destructive emotions that bind us so tightly to negativity that they end up affecting our mind, our body, our health and our future. Yes, even our future. You see, if you’re not forgiving of yourself and others, it means you are holding on to fear in one way or another. It’s fear-based negativity that streams the emotions of anger, stress, jealousy, rage, guilt, greed, judgment, shame, hate, frustration, resentment, criticism. That pent-up inferno is bringing you down every which way it can.  And with you, everything around you.

Remember, the one thing we strive for when working in the intuitive arena is raising our vibrational consciousness. This is the key to meaningful meditation, illumination, connecting with the metaphysical realm and exuding love on every occasion. Raising our vibrational energy is our ace in the hole to receiving and achieving the best and the highest good that we can. Our thoughts manifest our destiny. Our actions seal our fate.

The laws of both vibration and attraction affirm that what you energetically put into the universe, you energetically attract back to you. While fear is the universal vexation, love is the universal solace. The more you dwell on fear-based emotions, the more you attract the same. Conversely, when you emit love and forgiveness, you cannot help but invite the same energy back to you.  What does that mean in daily life? Read More

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In Energy, Healing, Intention, Love by Marilyn Harmacek

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there just isn’t anything left in the tank to nourish us. We are spent, used up, depleted, undone, empty.  The more we try to smile or write or present or strategize or listen or give, the more we come to resemble toast.

You can always feel it, even when you try to ignore the not-so-subtle tugs. Your mind races. You listen to a person for 10 minutes and never hear a syllable. You sit at the computer for hours and have yet to focus on the monitor. You’ve read that same published page at least 27 times now without any comprehension. And, the biggest hint, you just want to cry. Your skin is crawling. The world is crashing in and you don’t know which way to turn.

Take Action

This isn’t a time for me to tell you all is well if you just think positively. Let’s face it, if you could, you would. This is a time for you to give in to your emotions. You need to let this energy out. Excuse yourself. Find a relatively private place. Then, lay down on that floor and cry. Scream at the top of your lungs into that pillow. Rip up that old report or phone book (if you can find one). Throw a hissy fit while stomping your feet.

Remember Elsa in the Disney film FROZEN? When she held in her emotions, she buried a town. But when she finally Let It Go, she built a beautiful castle. There are only two rules I want you to remember.   Read More

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Why You Need A Little Help

Whatever you call it — soul, higher self, inner core, god link, true essence, divine spark — it is the key piece to you. Existing on this planet takes a physical body, but living takes an inner being wanting to experience as much as possible. It’s in this experiencing where we might find trouble.

To truly live this life you need to be in the moment – here and now. BE PRESENT is what we hear all the time when trying to meditate or trying to access the world beyond our physical senses. However, living in the here and now means keeping the mind focused on the present. That can be difficult to do if you’re carrying emotional baggage from past lives around with you. How do you know? If time after time you keep running into the same fearful mental blocks, physical obstacles, or feelings, it could be a soul-level burden you’re unconsciously carrying around.

Soul-level means it has been brewing for more than just this lifetime. It’s held deep in your karmic DNA. You don’t know why it’s always there, it just is. This unknown shadow from the past can haunt the present without you even suspecting a thing.

Starting Fresh With The Book Of Life

The good news is you can find out what the hindrance is and extract it from your being. That’s where Soul Attunement comes in. You don’t mess with your soul’s purpose or plan, you just give it a tune up to adjust the energy that no longer serves your highest good. Just think of everything that has happened to you in this life. If that much or more happened in previous lives, you’re bound to be carrying around some guilt or fear or trauma or confusion that’s messing with today’s decisions.

So, how do you clear any encumbrance? The answers can be found in your book of life known as the Akashic Records – the database of all decisions ever made. Read More

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Choice Means Knowing Your Options

Most people go through life letting life happen to them, taking whatever comes their way, blaming others for their predicaments, failures or emotional upheaval. In looking at the entire picture of energy here on Earth, we realize that life doesn’t happen to us, it happens because of us — our choices. Sometimes, those choices are made without the presence of our full energetic reality. We think we have no other options but to follow, to do what we’ve always done.

We can’t see beyond our current situation or our limited thinking.

When you look at energetic vibration, powerful intuition, transcendent reality, you realize there are an abundant array of options available. You don’t have to put up with the way things have always been. You can choose to create the life you’ve always wanted. You can bust out of your box with a simple mechanism called FREE WILL. But, sometimes, you can’t see the baggage that’s holding you in your box without a little help from the other side.

Example. I was doing energetic readings at a hotel when a gentleman staffer in his 50s stopped me quickly in the hall and asked if I had any messages for him. The angels told me he was carrying around a lot guilt that was affecting his self-esteem and that he should let it go. He had no reason to feel guilty all these years. “She needed parents,” was the final message. He looked completely puzzled. I double checked with the angels and that was the message. We parted ways with him shaking his head and me telling him to just sit with the message for a while.

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In Connection, Energy, Thought by Marilyn Harmacek

Everything is energy. And that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.   Albert Einstein

Still wondering about those waves and particles of energy that are the basis for the law of vibrational energy? Wonder no more.

Around 1900, Dr. Max Planck found that all matter and energy are composed of tiny units of electromagnetic energy called quanta, or atomic and sub-atomic substance. Dr. Planck was the originator of quantum theory which basically says that matter and energy, when smashed small enough, behave both as particles and as waves. We are not a solid universe.

Albert Einstein proved that when we break any matter into small components, these waves and particles move — or vibrate —through time and space. According to Einstein and Planck, everything consists of waves and particles in the form of energy, including your body, your emotions, and your thoughts. Scientists today are recognizing that the molecules in our bodies are actually controlled by these vibrational waves and frequencies.


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In Energy, Intention, Love, Thought by Marilyn Harmacek

Fear is a powerful motivator, and inhibitor. The main function of fear is to signal danger and to trigger appropriate biological responses – the flight or fight concept. It is necessary for survival. Yet, fear seems to be more prevalent in our lives when real danger isn’t.

What Fear Is

Stress is fear of the unknown. Anger is fear of humiliation or retribution or losing something. Intimidation is fear of being exposed. Anxiety is the fear of an unexpected situation. Worry is the fear of unseen misfortune. Most of our fear isn’t about survival; it’s about our not knowing what’s going to happen next. Will we be exposed, shamed, humiliated, hurt, blamed, overwhelmed? It seems that fear drives everything in life that isn’t connected to love.

When you are being ruled by fear more than by love, your life can seem like a string of never-ending struggles. All you can see is what can go wrong, and then it usually does. It sucks! However, there is hope. To get out of the pits you have to think from your heart.

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In Connection, Energy, Intention by Marilyn Harmacek

The Most Valuable Gift You Have to Offer This Life Is You.

You are a special force that brings unique qualities into the world unlike anyone or anything else. This is a mini miracle in and of itself. You even come into this realm with a team of souls ready to help your exceptional self flourish. And for all this specialness, you are richly rewarded with the life you create.

That’s correct. You are the only thing standing between the best of times and the worst of times. If you don’t like your life, change it. Knowing that you are a fantastic, unique, wonderful being should give you the confidence to step out and thrive. Don’t believe what others say: Believe in yourself! Don’t cower to others’ judgments: Stand firm on your tenets.

Gain confidence from knowing how wonderful you are. Take that deep breath and start affirming yourself right now! I am wonderful. I am amazing, I am capable. I deserve the best. I exude confidence. I am! I can! I do! I believe!

With that conviction, you can make life choices based on your happiness and your joy, not on situations, other people, fear or prejudice. You know how to treasure YOU. And now — with your stance of strength and value — others will, too.

Knowing how valuable you are, go out there and let your light shine! Give the gift of fabulous you to the world.

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In Connection, Energy, Intention by Marilyn Harmacek

Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

Every time I talk to my TT – Transcendent Team – I expect my angels, masters and guides to convey deeply philosophical messages about the flow of the universe or heavily spiritual understanding about the fate of mankind or profound insight into the prophetic change that’s probably coming down the pike. I listen intently for this thought-provoking intuition that will reveal the authentic aspect of life. And what do I get?  Laughter. The reflective guidance to lighten up and enjoy existence.

I know I’ve told you before to lighten up and live a little. Like I said, it is expressed to me regularly from beyond. What I haven’t conveyed is its importance. Laughter seems trivial in the broad scheme of things here on Earth. But that is not the case at all.  Read More

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This is a new year and that usually means a time of change, reflection and transition. The issue is how this change, reflection, transition affects us. There is a difference between internal evolution and being slapped upside the head with external provocations. We must be the keepers of our own conversion and not let others decide our fate.

In times of great transition, the only place to focus is on yourself. YOU are what transition is all about. Everything outside of you cannot bring peace, relief, upheaval, anger or balance into your world unless you let it. If you are letting outside mandates or people or circumstances create upheaval within, you need to remember your own sacredness and move toward your true balance.

Easier said than done? I agree. It’s tough to silence the discord and to remember that we are perfection in the universe, that our thoughts move our reality, and that we do have the power, not to control circumstances, but to control our reactions to the circumstances.

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